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A Letter from the President

2 July 2021
Subject: Certifying Body’s (CB)


To all whom this may concern:

Currently there is a lot of discussion within the industry about CB’s and the integrity of their inspections and audits. I am proud to tell you that my certifying body is as solid as a rock.  We have a cadre of top-notch auditors; we perform robust audits, and we work hard to keep the price in-line with the industry.  At any time, you believe we are failing I want to know about it - I promise you the problem will be resolved before we hang up the phone.

CCI works exceptionally hard to ensure your audit experience is everything it should be according to the standards we are accredited too. This is our policy, it always has been and will be so long as I run this organization. There is a school of thought that certifying bodies are the “…man behind the curtain, distant, uncaring, and cold.” “Too big to care.” “No transparency.” “We take your money, and you get little in return…”

I cannot speak for my cousin CBs, but nothing can be farther from the truth with CCI. Instead of blithering away and wasting a lot of time, I will provide facts to support my case:


  • Our auditors have significant credentials that involve time, testing, education, and performance. It takes a significant amount of money and time to become an auditor and, stay certified. More credentials are required to become an auditor than to teach at the university level.


  • Our audit reports go through a many multiple review processes that involves technical, grammar, scheme and administrative reviews prior to approval by one of our Compliance Officers.


  • Auditor performance is reviewed with every audit. Routinely auditors are dismissed for questions of technical expertise, bedside manner and, most importantly, integrity.


  • Our CB is staffed with highly educated persons who have degrees, training, and experience. Not one certification is allowed to leave the building until it is totally vetted and approved through multiple separate actions by CCI staff personnel.


  • CCI undergoes more than $100,000.00 a year in its own audits by ANAB and our scheme owners. This involves everyone within our company and weeks of on-site audits. Most of our clients dread two days of audits, but we undergo almost a solid month of reviews and inspections in order maintain our accreditation. We have audited more schemes and ISO standards than I care to list.

This company is built on three tenants all supported by integrity:


  • We build relationships

  • We do not patronize the customer, we will tell you hard facts,

  • We will work for your business – just ask us to show you and stand back!

We are gatekeepers to the person at the dinner table, we are the honest brokers, we care.

Thank you,

Karl Kolb

702.523.2068, call me!

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