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Other Certifications and Inspections We Offer

At CCI we can provide certifications, audits and inspections for any size operation- the important part is getting it right the first time and making sure your operation is up-to-date and ready to go.

  • Small Farmer Certifications

  • Small Packer Certifications

  • Small Processor Certifications

  • Sprout and Mini-Green Audits

  • Natural Audits and Certifications

  • Certificates of Analysis

  • Certificates of Authenticity

  • Certificates of Food Authenticity

  • FSVP Certificates

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Please contact our Lead Program Manager, Kari Neubauer,

at 715-723-5143 or

From the Founder:
Lately there is a lot of discussion in the industry about certifying bodies and the integrity of the inspection.  I am here to tell you that my certifying body is as solid as a rock.  We have a cadre of top notch auditors, we perform robust audits and we work hard to keep the price in-line with the industry.  At any time you believe we are failing, I want to know about it - I promise you the problem will be fixed before we hang up the phone. We work exceptionally hard to ensure your audit experience is everything it should be.
Thank you, Karl 702.523.2068, call me!

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