Why PrimusGFS?

The initiative to standardize audit schemes created the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) to move the produce industry one step closer to global food safety harmonization.  PrimusGFS is a GFSI recognized audit for the certification of Agricultural products which includes horticulture, grains & pulses.


Version 2.1-2 is the current PrimusGFS standard, with an addendum to the General Regulation, as well as minor changes to the Questions and Expectations, V2.1-2c.   The PrimusGFS documents explain the Certification Process to obtain certification.  Key documents are the PGFS General Regulation, Standard, Questions/Expectations, Interpretation Guidelines and other important documents.


PrimusGFS Version_2.1-2 ENGLISH Version

Form 500a-2    PrimusGFS v_2.1-2 General Regulations

Form 500a-2c   PrimusGFS v_2.1-2c General Regulation Addendum

Form 501a-2     PrimusGFS v_2.1-2 Standard

Form 502a-2c   PrimusGFS v_2.1-2c Questions & Expectations

Form 503a-2c   PrimusGFS v_2.1-2 Checklist Module 1 FSMS

Form 503b-2c   PrimusGFS v_2.1-2 Checklist Module 2 GAP option 

Form 503c-2c   PrimusGFS v_2.1-2 Checklist Module 2 GMP option

Form 503d-2c   PrimusGFS v_2.1-2 Checklist Module 3 HACCP

Form 504a-2c   PrimusGFS v_2.1-2 FSMS Interpretation Guidelines

Form 504b-2c   PrimusGFS v_2.1-2 GAP Interpretation Guidelines

Form 504c-2c   PrimusGFS v_2.1-2 GMP Interpretation Guidelines

Form 504d-2c   PrimusGFS v_2.1-2 HACCP Interpretation Guidelines

Form 513-2       PrimusGFS Product List


PrimusGFS Version_2.1-2 SPANISH Version

Form 500b-2       PrimusGFS v_2.1-2 General Regulations

Form 500b-2c     PrimusGFS v_2.1-2 General Regulation Addendum

Form 501b-2       PrimusGFS v_2.1-2 Standard

Form 502b-2c     PrimusGFS v_2.1-2 Preguntas y Expectativas

Form 503e-2c     PrimusGFS v_2.1-2 Checklist Module 1 FSMS

Form 503f-2c      PrimusGFS v_2.1-2 Checklist Module 2 GAP option

Form 503g-2c     PrimusGFS v_2.1-2 Checklist Module 2 GMP option

Form 503h-2c     PrimusGFS v_2.1-2 Checklist Module 3 HACCP

Form 504e-2c     PrimusGFS v_2.1-2 FSMS Interpretation Guidelines

Form 504f-2c      PrimusGFS v_2.1-2 GAP Interpretation Guidelines

Form 504g-2c     PrimusGFS v_2.1-2 GMP Interpretation Guidelines

Form 504h-2c     PrimusGFS v_2.1-2 HACCP Interpretation Guidelines


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PrimusGFS audits are composed of several modules and their applicability depends on the type of operation being audited:


  • Module 1: FSMS
    (Food Safety Management Systems)

    • ​Applicable to all operations types

  • Module 2: GAP option
    (Good Agricultural Practices)

    • ​Applicable to growing areas (Fields, ranches, greenhouses, etc.)

    • Harvest crew section is optional

  • Module 2: GMP option
    (Good Manufacturing Practices)

    • ​Applicable to facilities (Coolers, packinghouses, processors and storage)

  • Module 3: HACCP
    (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points)

    • ​Applicable to all facilities

    • Not applicable to growing areas/harvest crews